'Hi, it's nice to meet you.  

My name is Dean and I'm the owner of Gadget Club'.  


I help people use gadgets and technology

You know how fast moving and complicated the world of tech products can be.  Shopping for and replacing laptops, tablets, televisions and smartphones must feel daunting?

I'm guessing you've visited this page because this could be how you feel?

The truth is when you shop for this type of product you are being underserved and short changed.  The minimum expectation should be great product knowledge about new technology, market awareness and excellent support.  When you buy technology you deserve to be taken on an adventure of exploration, education and fun resulting in a product that can seriously improve an area of your life.  

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You also deserve it at the best price with the best support available - this stuff is expensive!

Gadgets, technology and the internet have the ability to change lives.  Connecting will keep you in touch with loved ones, provide education, meet new friends, find new interests, have fun and keep records of precious moments.

Gadgets will also give you access to services such as banking, shopping, news, music, games and social media.  If you are creative you can even make beautiful music, movies or photography.

The right products can also speed up, simplify or improve your life in many ways from necessity to pure entertainment.

Gadgets and technology can also be scary and complicated at times.  Particularly when you are looking to modernise your home products and systems.

Please take a moment to pause.  There is a different way to get up and running, in your home, pain free, moving at a pace that suits you.

Customers often select or are sold unsuitable, incompatible or just incorrect products for their needs which can be frustrating and expensive.

I created Gadget Club to change this.  My goal is to bring glorious tech to as many customers as I can - impartially.  Together we will create a wonderful Gadget Club that will help you to use and enjoy them.

Customers will enjoy the right products at the right prices with the right training, coaching and support to use them.

Enjoy products that are the perfect fit for you

Sitting together in the comfort of your own home takes the stress out of the shopping process and my multi point consultation process will help us choose together the perfect match for you.  Forgotten considerations such as dimensions, connectivity, compatibility and suitability can be ironed out BEFORE the purchase ensuring we get this right first time together.

Complete impartiality in the buying process

I don't have any vested interest with specific brands or suppliers.  Therefore we simply select the best performance product and supplier to suit your requirements and budget.  

No more buying errors or regrets - remember, this stuff is expensive!

I won't up-sell you more products than you want or need.  I guarantee my final invoice will feel great versus what you may have spent in a shop.  The difference will be a level of service that the superstores simply cannot (and don't necessarily want to) compete with.

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I am your local store for electrical products and gadgets.

I live in the area and have worked in this industry most of my life.  I LOVE technology and my commitment to you is to know and understand EVERY product in this market so that YOU DON'T HAVE TO.  I don't recommend poor performing products so you are always guaranteed quality.  My quality assurance means I have the complete trust of my customers.

After you've purchased an electrical product do you recognise these problems?

You need to make sure you are in to receive a delivery and then get stuck with assembling, installing and connecting everything together (no manuals in the box these days).  Hopefully everything goes to plan, you've got all the plugs, chargers and connectors you need and it all works correctly - as returns can be a real pain - particularly of large televisions?

You want to use it the way you saw it working in the store but it just won't do or isn't the same. You haven't got time to work out and research what accounts, apps, programmes or software you need to REALLY get the best out of your new gadget.  So it sits there and you sit there, frustrated, fed up and unfortunately sometimes even regretting you even bought it in the first place?

You could really do with being shown or coached in how to use the product specifically for what you need but it can be very hard to find that level of service?

Then finally who's going to keep you up to speed with all the new updates and features available for your product - there always seems to be new features available?

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Let's have a cup of tea and talk about how we can get you up and running

It costs nothing to have a sit and a chat together about what I can do to help you.  It's great to get together in home because you can really paint the picture of what you are hoping to buy and what you are hoping to achieve.  It's the best way to check that what you intend to buy will connect and work with your existing equipment too.