Premium sound, easy to use home cinema and entertainment system.



Voice Assistant Control

Amazon Alexa built into the speaker to control your music with your voice.

Perfect Sound

Fill two rooms with crystal clear sound, or the same room for stereo experience.

Two’s a Pair

Pair speakers together wirelessly for unbelievable stereo sound.

Alexa Skills

Alexa has approved over 15,000 skills - the voice powered apps that will keep you up to date with news, weather, your calendar or control your new smart home.

Plug In Your Music Streaming Service

Use the SONOS app to manage all your music pulling in from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tune-in radio and many many more.

Evolve Your Music Set Up

Add PlayBeam PlayBar, PlayBase, SUB or more speakers to grow your home music network.

Ebony Or Ivory

SONOS are available in Black or White.

Services provided by Gadget Club



Gadget Club get it right first time

•Speakers mounted where you want them and connected to the internet;

•Your speakers named accordingly for easy profile management;

•SONOS app or software installed on all your phones, tablets and computers;

•Trueplay tune in experience for perfect tailored sound for your rooms;

•Your music streaming services plugged into the SONOS app;

•Alexa walk-through and skills installed;

•SONOS app walk-through and Q&A;

•A FREE photo of us dancing to your new speakers.  Because we can.

Why buy from Gadget Club?

Honest, personalised, local service

•Your Consumer Rights next steps explained in case anything goes wrong;

•No extended warranties. Gadget Club doesn’t believe they are EVER necessary;

•No unnecessary add-ons or hidden charges.  

•25 years of technology experience;