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Gadget Club is a business based in West Yorkshire and my services are currently only available in the local area.  My product is unique for every customer so I keep it small and local.   At Gadget Club the Raspberry Pi I supply come complete with the features and benefits below.

Why Raspberry Pi?

Lightweight Operating System,  Powerful Computer.

Raspian OS will deliver speed and performance.  Quad Core processor provides surprising speed from a computer the size of your credit card.

Full Chromium Web Browser

Surf the Web as you would on any machine including Google Bookmarks.

Email and office

Seamlessly manage your email and create office compatible documents.

Games & Media

Retropie software and KODI deliver all your media needs.  Minecraft Pi included with fully accessible code to design the game how you like it!

Coding / Programming

Major coding languages included on the Raspberry Pi with a massive support network on-line to start learning to program.

One Box Solution

If you have a HDMI monitor you are ready to go.  This package includes EVERYTHING you need to start your Raspberry Pi experience.

Cloud Storage

Google supply 100gb of cloud storage FREE for two years with all their devices.  

Budget Friendly

This is the best budget complete computing experience bar none.  FACT.  

Services provided by Gadget Club



Gadget Club get it right first time

•Computers for all budgets and specifications;

•Set up remotely to your design;

•Your new product delivered to your door;

•Gmail account set up unlocking google apps;

•E-mail set up;

•Your home screen and task bar exactly how you like it;

•Google Drive cloud set up, with file structure;

•Full Gadget Club walk-through and tutorial;

•Final multi-point sign off to agree work completed.

Why buy from Gadget Club?

Honest, personalised, local service

•You are guaranteed the best price for the Raspberry Pi that you select;

•Guarantees are important.  We will secure the longest available;

•Your Consumer Rights next steps explained in case anything goes wrong;

•No extended warranties. Gadget Club doesn’t believe they are EVER necessary;

•No unnecessary add-ons or hidden charges.  

•Approved to sell by Raspberry Pi Foundation.

•Lifetime support and advice through Gadget Club Facebook Page;

•I’m an all round awesome guy.

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At Gadget Club things happen a little differently.  If you are looking for a shopping cart to 'BUY NOW' I'm afraid you won't find it.  However, if you'd like to buy locally; with piece of mind, support and service I am ready to help.

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