Change the way you think about buying technology.

Magic Touch Guarantee.  Nothing should ever be too much trouble.

Gadget Club is a business based in West Yorkshire and my services are currently only available in the local area.  My product is unique for every customer so I keep it small and local.   At Gadget Club the services I supply come complete with the features and benefits listed below - right there in your own home.

Magic Touch Guarantee

One day, one job.

Gadgets and technology are better than ever - but this can bring challenges.  Perfection takes time, so when you book Gadget Club you've got me for the whole day if that's required.  There is generally a hiccup or a rethink around technology installs;

For Gadget Club Magic Touch sign off, it has to be perfect;

You also need time to understand your new technology product, so the training and coaching will be taken at your own pace;

I am patient and won't be rushed.  No stone will be left unturned to ensure your experience is nothing short of magical;

My goal is to sprinkle stardust on your home installation.  The Magic Touch.

Services that will be provided to you by Gadget Club



Gadget Club get it right first time

•Personal shopper experience front to back from delivery, install and support, right through to aftercare.  Never have to return to a store or ring a faceless call centre ever again.  All products in-home are supported under the one booking;

•Your guarantees, consumer rights and next steps explained properly so that you can always get a local solution for your technology if something goes wrong.  All your warranties will be registered accordingly;

•Improve the performance of your existing devices, faster, better, more fun to use, incorporate any other support questions into your installation and set up, regardless of which type of product you have bought;

•Personalised 1-2-1 tutorials and coaching on any of your devices, the job isn't complete until you can use everything we've installed perfectly, in the way that you want to use it;

•Smart TV set up, best picture guaranteed and home entertainment set up, build any stands purchased and tidy cabling;

•Help with apps and other software programs, no one else on the market can trouble shoot your home internet or computing questions in-home so use the opportunity to maximise all your gadgets and devices;

•Introduction to smart home and voice assistant products;

•One month in - second house call to check all is well with your new product;

•Anything else; nothing is too much trouble if it's gadget related.

Why buy from Gadget Club?

Honest, personalised, local service

•Book me for as long as you like, it takes as long as it takes;

•Patience is a virtue and I've got as much of it as you need;

•Professional job sign off, if it's not right I keep working;

•No extended warranties. Gadget Club doesn’t believe they are EVER necessary;

•No unnecessary add-ons or hidden charges.  

•25 years of technology experience;

•Lifetime support and advice through Gadget Club Facebook Page;

Magic Touch Guarantee.png