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Thank you for selecting my 'Join Us' page

Do you want to work from home (or anywhere) and build a business?

If you are a gadget fiend and looking for a different way to work and earn, Gadget Club NEEDS to hear from you!  Have you got the entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to REALLY make a difference to customers' lives?

Why Gadget Club?

A business disrupting the norm.

Doing things differently is in our DNA.  Think Big.

Expert mentor.

I've been there and done it all.  I can help you do that too with total support, coaching and training.  Nothing is too much trouble.

Work where you want, when you want.

How and when we do business is changing.  Get over it.   

Go as far as you want.

We intend to grow together and become a Team success story.

It's only about the customer.

Think only how you can help the next person and we will be a great fit.  

It's free to get involved.

Well - pretty much.  All you need is a computer and a phone.  

Expert in-the-field support.

We will drive to the customer when needed.  No vehicle required.  

The greater good.

Believe me - customers deserve this service.  Technology support has been underwhelming for too long.  Be a part of building something truly great.

Words to describe you



•Millennial? Old? Young? Whatever!

•Customer focussed - how would you treat your Nan?

•Winner, determined, disruptive

•Happiness, family


•Awesome tech lover

I am ready to share my vision and business with you.

Are you ready to take a chance? If so