I'm going on holiday.  It's been booked for over a year.  I need your support.

I always knew that this calendar event was a stumbling block with Easter potentially being a great time to pick up gadgets and technology products.  It won't happen again and I hope you can bear with me until my return.  Hopefully the points below will address any concerns you may have while I'm away.  


Will I miss out on the amazing Easter Deals?

My sale is all year round in that I will always make sure I secure the best product prices for you when you are ready to buy.  The truth is there are bargains to be had all year round and a sale event is to sell through stock the RETAILERS want you to buy, not necessarily what is the RIGHT product for you.

But there may be a killer deal - can I buy it and then you can install it when you get back?

Yes; just leave it in the box/packaging and send me an email or message.  I'll be right round the moment I return.  Message me if you want me to check the deal/price/product fits with your requirements.

Can I buy products off your website?

Absolutely - the order and service will be fulfilled at a date and time of your choosing when I return.  You will receive automated confirmation that I have your order.

How will I manage without your killer Facebook content for two whole weeks?

It's already recorded and scheduled.  You won't even notice I'm gone.  Hopefully some sunny exclusives will be there too when I'm feeling inspired.




Can I make an enquiry while your away?

Absolutely.  I'll have access to Wi-Fi so I can respond within a reasonable time to any enquiries and happy to provide advice or support when I can get connected.

I'm an existing customer that needs support - can I call you?

I'd prefer that you email me at dean@gadgetclub.co.uk.  I'll call you back the moment that I pick up the message if we need to talk something through.

Is it wise to go on holiday when you have customers to serve?

No.  This has been in the diary for a long, long time and was a pitfall I had to consider when starting up.  I hope you can see my point of view and I'll make it up to all my customers when I return.

And finally ...

2018 has started brilliantly well for Gadget Club and as always I couldn't do it without the warmth, support, friendship and encouragement I'm receiving.  My new customers, mentors, suppliers and Facebook Friends I salute you!


Why buy from Gadget Club?

Honest, personalised, local service

•Book me for as long as you like, it takes as long as it takes;

•Patience is a virtue and I've got as much of it as you need;

•Professional job sign off, if it's not right I keep working;

•No extended warranties. Gadget Club doesn’t believe they are EVER necessary;

•No unnecessary add-ons or hidden charges.  

•25 years of technology experience;

•Lifetime support and advice through Gadget Club Facebook Page;

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