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Think of us as your concierge or butler for gadgets.  Whatever it is we've got you covered.  Technology is expensive so it's often better to take care of what you have or improve it, rather than chase expensive replacements.

You'll never have to worry about using tech, problem solving or maintaining your laptop, smart TV or anything else, ever again.  If eventually the only option is to repair or replace - we'll walk you through that too.  

We love to create content that you may find useful so first things first - have this smart TV guide and cheat sheet on us!

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It's exciting times - I am building a team that provides the ultimate support product for all your home gadget and technology problems. 

After 15 years on the shop floor I left my general management role to start my life as an entrepreneur and business owner.  I was feeling YOUR pain with the limited support available in the home to get the most out of technology products that really can change lives.  Things weren't moving fast enough when things go wrong and customers were frankly paying too much for products they didn't need or even should never have bought.  Don't get me started on the (lack of) training and coaching for customers to use their devices well.

My purpose is to use all my skill and experience to bring to you a service product that will truly revolutionise in-home gadget support and provide real value for money.  As stores continue to close, who will be your go-to guy when you need technology advice and help?

I've experimented so far with the best way to deliver my mission and I've learnt a lot.  Settling on a low cost, pay as you go service has really won the customers over.  The result is one payment per month, covering every eventuality, for every gadget in your home.  This service is truly designed for you.  I guarantee you won't have to worry about a thing.

Using Gadget Club will help entrepreneurs build businesses.

All our technicians or partners work from home, enjoying a flexible working environment and with a great opportunity to build a successful business.  Every customer that joins Gadget Club belongs to them, so helping you, helps them to grow.  The perfect match.

Today my goal is to help the customer in a way never seen before and helping my colleagues do something life changing with their skills.  We are doing okay!

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We have designed the ultimate service package for gadgets and technology based on what customers really want.  Nothing has been left out and we believe it is the most complete and flexible option ever offered.

For a small monthly cost Gadget Club will be with you every step of the way and remove all your gadget pain forever.



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