Swept under the carpet?

On Saturday, I installed and carried out training on a new Freeview HD receiver and recorder box by a well known manufacturer in this field.

Everything looked okay.  However a side-request was made to connect a laptop to the television on a different input source.  After successfully connecting the laptop I returned to the input for the Freeview box to find the sound had gone missing.

I powered down the box, restarted and the sound returned.  I cycled through the inputs again and back to the box and again the sound had gone missing.

It took me two minutes on the internet to see dozens of customers had identified the same issue.  None of the solutions offered worked which included advice from customer support, other users and tech geeks.  The television or television settings were blamed in many cases (a way to pass the buck?) but it would seem this is just an inherent limitation of the box.

I’m thinking:

  1. Is it reasonably likely that someone will move to another source and back while viewing?  If so why would this not be tested and considered in quality assurance?
  2. Many customers have taken to support forums to find an answer (since 2015); so why has the manufacturer failed to provide a fix or at least identified this as a box limitation?
  3. I'm wondering how many sales were lost on returns of this box because of this problem or even worse how many customers are putting up with this issue?

I’ve provided the feedback to the manufacturer and will be interested to see the response.  Come on guys - someone knows about this and someone can definitely fix it.

(TWIMC the problem is due to lack of HDMI-CEC function, compatibility solved with a HDMI-CEC less adaptor.  Maybe you could supply one in the box)?