Smart safety first

I’m looking forward this week to working with a new customer that is going all in, top to bottom on a fully functional smart home.  When provided with a blank canvas; ability to paint a picture to showcase technology, you really get an idea of how far we have come and what is available right now.  Black Mirror is here.

It doesn’t mean it is all good or all practical though, so this is definitely a project that requires balance.  There are four parts to the project I’m thinking of; security, ecological, lifestyle and value.

Improving our home functionality experience and in turn making the world and our environment a better place sounds like a good deal to me.  Achieving this and over time recouping the costs of the outlay (and more) is the holy grail.  

We will do it.

The serious business comes in contemplating whether high tech smart locks, CCTV cameras, doorbells and mechanisms can collectively replace our traditional home security systems.  By replace I mean IMPROVE the safety of the home by a considerable space without any discernible potential breaches.  No use having lots of cool stuff if we are ultimately less secure; hacked at the drop of a hat.  Definitely a case of Smart safety first.