Will you show up this week?

One of the ways I am hoping to lead my business forward is by creating structure to my week, so my customers know exactly when and where I am expected to ’Show Up’.

It has been interesting to watch my following and interest steadily grow; particularly around my posts and content that appear at the same time every day or week.  It is becoming clear that people love rhythm and routines and the dependability of a product or service.

Brand consistency is key.  I have tested and played around with content and a have good idea what my customers want.  The next stage is to deliver it with military precision WHEN and HOW they want it.

A long term commitment to adding value through content creation is a big thing and should be considered carefully.  Firstly, it has to be of the highest quality.  If you expect your followers to clock in to see your work - it had better be good.

Secondly, the first day you decide not to ‘Show Up’ the authenticity and trust is broken with your followers.  Life and work cannot get in way and this is an appointment that simply cannot be broken.  

Here is the plan:

  1. Contract with my audience that I will deliver valuable content to a fixed schedule;
  2. This creates personal accountability to fulfil the schedule, no matter how tricky;
  3. Deliver on my promise.

So would my followers miss me if I failed to Show Up?  Honestly? 

No, not yet; but I’m working on it.