Down the marketing rabbit hole (and back again)

I’ve found that the marketing aspect of running your own business is a dark and dangerous place.  

Facebook is awash with ad placements offering tantalising ‘lead generation’ and ‘funnel systems’ that will transform your business overnight.  These systems are not cheap and would require complete trust and confidence in the course provider to buy.

It’s easy to get sucked in, some of the videos and free content are excellent and can leave you wanting more.

After a while of searching for some genuine help that may exist amongst the charlatans the whole charade becomes distasteful.  

It’s a shame because I’ve found one or two excellent marketing tools that don’t deserve to be lumped in with the scam merchants (seek out James Cook Media or Seth Godin).

Funny how the ‘niche’ (this is internet marketing jargon for the product or service that you sell) and whether it is actually any good is rarely studied.  

What an excellent get out of jail free card for the provider of the course; 

‘the system didn’t work because your product/service isn’t any good’;

‘there doesn’t seem to be a market for your niche’;

‘it’s your idea that is flawed, not the system’.

After many hours of trawling the internet searching for marketing sanity and actions, I have written this five point business plan so that you don’t have to do the same:

  1. Know who your target audience are better than they know themselves;
  2. Do excellent work every day that adds value / solves a pain point;
  3. Tell stories about that content (videos are better) showing total empathy with your audience;
  4. Make your messages to the many, not the few;
  5. Make it clear how to buy if/when the prospect is ready.

6.  Stop clicking links for sensationalised quick fix systems.