Goodbye MacBook ... Hello Chrome

Well today's the day I put my money where my mouth is and end a ten year love in with Apple and their computing range.  I will be picking up my shiny new Google PixelBook from the store - and I can't wait!

The PixelBook is a thing of beauty in it's ultra thin, light chassis and I am looking forward to a new level of lightning fast computing unrivalled in today's market due to running Chrome OS.  I like the Chromebook platform now because it's secure, stable, easy to use, and self-maintains. And Chrome OS is more like mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS -- a clean break from the dinosaur systems of Windows and Apple.  The 1TB of Free Google Drive storage for 3 years looks a fantastic gift with the purchase too!

I'm hoping the battery life performs as expected and keeps me working all day long.  I've heard in reviews the display and sound is slightly better on the Mac but only just.  I think I can live with that.  My slight concern is finding a way to replicate video production and management, particularly via the webcam and a microphone - but I'm sure I'll work it out.

I'm not quite ready to send my portable devices the same way so the iPhone and iPad stays for now as my photos slowly make their way into Google Photos.  I'm locked into a family sharing account on Apple that all the parents use for music so it's a tricky one to pull immediately!

I've been through changing systems before when I was seduced by the Microsoft SurfaceBook at launch which turned out to be a disastrous piece of hardware.  I just hope it's a well built computer that can stand the test of time like a MacBook can.  I'm always happy to adapt the way I work as long as problems don't occur that are out of my control.

I guess we will see!

Finally the price - a deal of £250 off at £749 makes this an absolute steal and looks like a price point that could really disrupt the market of high end computing.  That's almost £500 cheaper than the MacBook which is real food for thought.  

I hope you'll follow the progress of my new experience - the main reason for it being to keep you as well informed as I can about this new computing option.  I'm always happy to visit and provide a demo - you can book yours at:

Here's to an exciting day; there is nothing like getting a new gadget to play with!