Is your internet speed hurting your NETFLIX?

Unless you are living in a field miles from the nearest exchange the days of 'buffering' for Most (sorry those that live remotely!) are pretty much over.  Every day streaming of Catch Up TV or online movie services becomes more common therefore so is the recognition of the need for decent internet.

I thought I would spend a minute or two on Netflix as I am noticing a common occurrence on my in home visits.  Netflix is massive, has some amazing exclusive programmes and movies and for me represents great value and great quality viewing. 

Many customers are unaware that there are 3 tiers of Netflix membership which are Basic (£5.99 per month) Standard (£7.99) and Premium (£9.99). 

The first major difference is the ability to use on 1,2 and 4 screens respectively.  Handy if you want to share your membership with other family members for example.

The majority of people I meet are on the £7.99 plan.  This is because this is generally the option offered on the free trial or what older customers have been switched to.

Now the critical point about this plan is that the viewing experience is only transmitted in HD (High Definition).  This is okay on a smaller screen or an older TV but is problematic if you took the plunge and invested in a new 4K (Ultra High Definition) HDR (High Dynamic Range) smart TV. 

Netflix provides one of only a few ways to experience beautiful Ultra HD movies and TV shows and in my opinion it just doesn't make sense to settle if you have the technology available and ready. 

A simple click in your membership options (albeit for an extra £2 per month) will unlock your TVs potential and get that showroom picture you were shown when you decided to stump up to buy it.  

I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  If you explore the programmes and check the summary it will tell you clearly the quality of image you will receive once you upgrade.  Even a bang average movie can be watchable just to inspect the detail and beautiful imagery and revel in the magnificence of your TV.

So why did talking about internet lead to Netflix.  A WORD OF CAUTION.  If you are not getting good speeds the Netflix software will downgrade your image anyway so the upgrade would be a waste of money.  If you are on any kind of fibre internet speeds (20-25mb+) this should be more than enough.

You can download the 'Speed Test' app on your phone to check your speed.

If you want to discuss or are unsure about internet speeds get in touch!