Chromebook Myths Part 1

I am so impressed with the current line up of chromebooks now available to the computing customer.  There are budget options, small portables, 2 in 1 convertibles and high power premium ranges.  There really is an option for every occasion. 

However there are still questions holding punters back that I hope to explore through my posts. 

Change shouldn't be feared if it genuinely offers something new and improved and I believe the chromebook ramps up the computing experience in one way or another for most general users.

The first step is always to embrace the change - then you can become prepared in the wonderful world of chromebook laptops.

Let's get rid off some of the easy (old) objections first:

1) You can't do much on them except for surf the internet ...

This was actually quite true in the beginning when there wasn't as much third party cloud based software about such as Canva, Sage and Office 365.  The big change came a while back with the introduction of the Google Play store which immediately unlocked 4 MILLION apps - that's double what's in the Apple Store.  So put simply your laptop now has access to the largest bank of software on the planet.  If you can think of it you can probably do it! 

2) I can't use Word, Excel or Powerpoint ...

Not true.  You can download the apps from the store and with a 365 licence (around £39 per year) you can run these programs on your chromebook.  The question though is why would you want to?  Google offer Docs, Sheets and Slides COMPLETELY FREE.  In fact, Microsoft have been desperately playing catch up with features that allow sharing and real time collaboration on files with others.  The file formats will open just fine on a Windows computer if you need this.

3) I get much more storage on my Windows laptop ...

For what?  The only place your files, videos and photo memories should be kept to be truly safe are on an external drive or in the Cloud.  Your laptop should always be a work in progress.  Most entertainment content for music and cinema is streamed these days (rather than downloaded).

No space needed for a large and clunky operating system either!  

You'll also receive 100Gb of FREE cloud storage for two years with your new chromebook.

So here are some thoughts to hopefully get you interested in thinking about a switch in the future.  I have used one for nearly a year now for the majority of my work and I am very happy.  

I'm always available in the calendar to come and give a demonstration.  Get in touch!