Measure twice, buy once

What TV size should I buy?

TVs are measured diagonally, one corner to the opposite corner.    Consider whether you are placing the TV on a stand or wall mounting as the extra space behind furniture may reduce the ideal screen size for you.

You can sit CLOSER to a 4K (Ultra High Definition) picture than a 1080p (High Definition) image without losing image quality.  Remember not much standard TV is transmitted in true 4K so what content you watch and from where may dictate the size of the screen you buy.

There are more formulas than I care to mention for calculating TV size versus distance.  My problem with these formulas is in most rooms the viewing span will vary for different customers in different seating arrangements.  One size definitely doesn’t fit all.

So in the spirit of keeping technology shopping simple:

  1. Measure the distance in inches from where you want the TV to be, to where the majority will sit (if appropriate you can make an arc as if drawing with a compass to take in other armchair locations);
  2. Divide this measurement by 2 to get an approximate ideal screen size;
  3. If the measurement falls between two TV dimensions round UP to the next available screen size.

This will keep you pretty close to the dimensions that is right for you - the TV definitely won’t be too small, but it may also save you a few pounds avoiding the sell up size.  

Measure twice, buy once.