Happy Easter - already - I guess?

“My gut feeling is that the marketing, promotions and sale prices will start earlier than ever this year particularly with the disruption to retail by the snow days.  In fact we could well see price movement and deals start to appear from this week.” - Dean Horn, Monday 19th March 2018.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so - it looks like our earliest Easter ever and some deals have started to land around and about in some of the key players.  It’s the usual stuff with big reductions on some key lines of large screen TVs, laptops and smart home tech.

The great news is that there has been significant movement on some of my absolute favourites in the 2017/2018 calendar so look out for some cracking prices on OLED particularly.

I’ve handily compiled a chart of my absolute favourite products on the website at www.gadgetclub.co.uk which you can access via the navigation bar.  The site is also fully functioning now for all payment options - so be careful!

You’ll probably have noticed that my presentation of products is not like anything you may have seen before.  My goal has always been to leave my customers with a unique buying experience that lives on long after the initial purchase.  A purchase can be whatever you want it to be and is completely customisable to the customer, whether that is in products, complimentary add ons, time and service.

The “Top Charts” are my absolute top recommendations of what I think would be a superb solution for most customers, where you can sit back and let everything happen.  These products are assured to deliver quality and performance so study them carefully.  This work is based on my own testing and experience as well as many on-line and off-line reviews.

This work is underpinned by my “Gadget Club Magic Touch Guarantee” which means the jobs will be completed to your total specification and satisfaction every time.  If it’s not it’ll be fixed - you can be sure of that.

If they are not for you and you want to build it from the ground up you can do this in the “tailor it” section.  Nothing is too much trouble or impossible.

So website, free phone number and card machine in hand, Easter starts here.  I’ll continue to upload my recommendations and make them available for you and even if you don’t shop with Gadget Club this time please feel free to use the website for great product suggestions.

Happy Easter - already - I guess?