Early to bed, early to rise ...

I'm sat here at 4:45am, I'm already one beautiful espresso to the good and the words are flowing.  For me the power of the early morning is definitely a real thing.  The peace and quiet and sheer calm of the moment is something to behold and a great experience.

Much has been written and lauded on early rising and it would seem that a significant proportion of successful people (certainly in business) come flying out of the blocks early morning.  You read about meditation practices, journalling, exercising, breakfast and productivity right through to some of the more bizarre rituals.

No matter what you do with the time or why you do it, we have turned the corner into Spring the lighter mornings and early sunrises certainly make it easier.  

For me, I do it because simply I'm more creative in the mornings and prefer the more operational tasks later in the day.  There is a significant change in my thought processes as the day unfolds so I have to segment my jobs list accordingly for maximum productivity.  It's interesting society mostly pigeon hole employees into the typical 9-5 role without really understanding that every individual is different and may offer more earlier or (much) later in the day. 

This could be the key to unlocking a significant positive shift in your business.  Spend five minutes studying the working requirements of millennials and it's clear that dragging this generation of employees in to work early is likely to be counter-productive.  You can take this one step further and if a project is not location dependant, as long as the deadline is achieved I'm sure work could be done at anytime of day from any location (especially with the technology available to collaborate and communicate remotely).  

I have met several customers and other businesses in the last few months that work from home on their own stuff, working unconventional hours - but being super productive.  I can't say the working world would miss those peak time traffic jams too much either.

I've opened a discussion about this over on the #30daybeachclubchallenge group here.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on when you are in the flow and at your best.  Hope to see you there.