I still love a good book - in all formats

Anyone that knows me understands I have a lifelong connection with books.  For those that enjoyed University life you know the cost of picking up the Recommended Texts' (usually written by the lecturers and updated vaguely once per year to encourage a repeat purchase - I'm looking at you Dr 16th Edition).  This was particularly true in Law and I built up quite a collection.  In fact at Bar School I'm pretty sure most of the course fees were taken up in leather bound books.  You literally wheeled them home in suitcases.  Some I'm ashamed to admit weren't even opened!

Technology has moved on and the book has evolved.  Kindle revolutionised how we consume content and finally e-books overtook the hard copy.  The debate raged on about 'which was better?' but if more people are reading, then I guess that's okay with me.

Personally I love 'Readily' a subscription based app providing all your favourite magazines in one place - it looks brilliant on iPad.  Also, if only people knew more of the power of their phones to stream amazing audiobooks (read by the greats), podcasts (Jocko Willink, Navy Seal) and spoken word, that morning commute could become a powerful learning tool.  If everyone used their journey to study their subject field that's 500 hours of education per year, for free.  Who needs University?

Everything in moderation I say.  Children for example just can't comprehend a digital book and the touch and feel of the text and pictures adds a special dimension to reading.  We took great pleasure in buying some new books for the school holiday this weekend and Archie is lapping them up.  I still write in law occasionally and I find myself going back to the source material.  There is no finer pleasure than consuming case notes, the books are a work of art.  By the way anyone can use the University libraries so you are free to study whatever you like!

There has to be a better solution for local libraries to endorse digital content, but sat here with a lovely coffee and a lovely atmosphere - I can't help but think the shelves look TOO full.  Use them or lose them.  I'm hoping to use them for some drop ins very soon - watch this space!