Barry Sheene 7

Tonight I am heading to The Rising Sun, Norristhorpe to watch the unveiling of RSRacing Team’s SuperBikes for the imminent season ahead. 

Now this is sport I know nothing about and frankly the thought of even sitting on one of these monsters scares me to death.  Heaven knows the skill and mental strength required to actually throw these bikes around corners at break neck speed in a competitive environment.  It must be exhilarating.

I’m sure tonight there will be many stories shared of success and triumph; but also near misses, crashes and injuries as an obvious pitfall of the sport!

I don’t know much about it so I’ll need to spend a few hours swatting up today to get ‘up to speed’.

The reason I’m mixing with the petrol heads is one of my first customers, Andrew Meachen has kindly provided the opportunity for the world famous Gadget Club logo to make it’s debut on his bike for the 2018 season.  Thanks Andrew it’s really appreciated!

One thing is for sure the sport lends itself brilliantly to photo and video opportunities.  A bike such as this is certainly technology in action in it’s own way.  It feels like a good fit.

So here’s to a successful racing season - from a distance!