Welcome to Gadget Club! Where's my right click?

A very warm welcome to Gadget Club.  First of all thank you for all my amazing family and friends for liking the Facebook page and showing an interest in my business.  If you want to really stay tuned in to what's going on please subscribe on the website at www.gadgetclub.co.uk and take the mini survey on the front page.  Your feedback is important and will help me get to grips with what are the major pleasures and frustrations with technology and what content you are eager to see.

A key part of becoming confident and relaxed with gadgets is re-framing a problem as an opportunity to learn how your product works and what settings, tricks and solutions are available.  Unless there is something physically broken or a major software flaw it is unlikely that the problem can't be solved.  So this is a great opportunity to experiment and build up your technical experience.  Never be afraid to dig around in menus or jump on line and web search what ports and options on a device can perform.  Or just ask me - I'll do the work for you.

I've got to say for me there is nothing more satisfying than working out a gadget problem and getting something working the right way.  It's the same if I discover a new feature, software update, option or setting that enhances the way I work or play.

For example I'm working on my Google Chromebook this morning after a few days heavy work on the Apple Macbook and for the love of god I couldn't find how to save the image above to my google drive.  A quick dig around online showed me that a simple right click would give me a further menu and an option to save the image.  I'd never used right click before on the Chromebook ... where is it?

So here is my first tip and little gift as Gadget Club.  Right click on a Chromebook by pressing the mouse pad with your index finger and middle finger together rather than a single finger press.  Try this with your cursor in different areas of the screen to see what other menu options become available. 

If you haven't got a Chromebook and found this tip of no use whatsoever - no problem.  You can drop me a message on any of the social media platforms.

What frustrations and problems do you have with your gadgets that you could re-frame into an opportunity to learn more about your product?

I look forward to making your problems fun - and don't worry - I'm always on duty!