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Let's do business

Gadget Club will provide expert advice for your business and office needs

Take the hassle out of your business technology purchases and let me do the work for you.  Getting the right equipment at the right price to stay productive may take up time you can't spare.


Innovative solutions you may not have thought of ...

I know which products and functionality could simplify or enhance your business processes;

I look for great products at keen prices.  Then work out how they can increase productivity AND provide the WOW factor for your customers

Whether it's thinking about new laptops for your sales force, TV screens in the office or kettles in your canteen I've got it covered.  If you can plug it in it's worth making an enquiry.

Why buy from Gadget Club, I can just order it on-line?

Because you may not know what you actually need to buy.  Businesses waste millions every year selecting ill-fitting technology products that are not the right solution for their needs.  What I will do is sit in consultation in YOUR environment and we can collaborate on ideas to get you exactly what you need.  I want to really understand your business first to get the purchase absolutely right.

Complete impartiality in the buying process

I don't have any vested interest with specific brands or suppliers.  Therefore we simply select the best performance product and supplier to suit your requirements and budget.  

No more buying errors or regrets - remember, this stuff is expensive!

I won't up-sell you more products than you want or need.  I guarantee my final invoice will feel great versus what you may have spent elsewhere.  The difference will be a level of service that the other suppliers simply cannot (and don't necessarily want to) compete with.

I am your local store for electrical products and gadgets.

I have worked in this industry most of my life.  I LOVE technology and my commitment to you is to know and understand EVERY product in this market so that YOU DON'T HAVE TO.  I don't recommend poor performing products so you are always guaranteed quality.  My quality assurance means I have the complete trust of my customers.

After you've purchased an electrical product do you recognise these problems?

You need to make sure you are in to receive a delivery and then get stuck with assembling, installing and connecting everything together (no manuals in the box these days).  Hopefully everything goes to plan, you've got all the plugs, chargers and connectors you need and it all works correctly - as returns can be a real pain - particularly of large televisions? 

Don't worry everything I supply can be delivered, installed and set up exactly how you like it.

Let's have a cup of tea and talk about how we can get you up and running

It costs nothing to have a sit and a chat together about what I can do to help your business.  It's great to get together because you can really paint the picture of what you are hoping to buy and what you are hoping to achieve.  It's the best way to check that what you intend to buy will connect and work with your existing equipment too.